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Basketball Courts

Ekşioğlu Kanek manufactures basketball court equipment in its factory in Tuzla.



  • Although our basketball court products are always available as stock products, we kindly ask you to contact our customer representatives at the time of order.
  • Please get information from our customer representatives about the installation of clamped basketball court wires.
  • We provide scheduled delivery service to certain points in Istanbul free of charge. (Call our customer representatives for shipping schedules.)
  • You can contact our customer representatives for shipments outside of Istanbul.
  • We provide fast assembly service in Istanbul and programmed assembly service in projects across Turkey.

Ekşioğlu Kanek, who builds basketball courts on a project basis, produces 80% of the materials used for the construction of indoor and outdoor basketball courts and provides an advantage in terms of basketball court construction costs.

All of the materials used in the construction of the steel construction indoor basketball court are in quality standards;

  • The entire construction is welded by opening the wolf mouth. No crushing.
  • Netting is done on the field made upon request.


Our company, which manufactures and assembles the perimeter fences of the existing basketball courts apart from the basketball court construction projects, uses two different techniques in the application of the basketball court wire systems.

  • Standard basketball court wire systems
  • Clamped basketball court wire systems


General features of standard basketball court wire systems


  • It has reasonable pricing in terms of basketball court cost.
  • Used basketball court wires; Strut Diameter Ø76mm, Strut Diameter Thickness (Wall Thickness) 2,5mm, Strut Height 4mt,5mt,6mt and 8m. form is produced.
  • The strut features are thicker than the economical basketball court wire systems. (Pipe Diameter Ø60mm)
  • Unlike the economic basketball court wires, the thickness of the braided wire used is Ø3.50mm.
  • The knitting wires used are PVC coated over galvanized
  • Strut coating is electro galvanized, static oven painted
  • Buttress pipe coating is 6005 green color primer + oil paint.


General features of clamped carpet basketball court wire systems


  • All materials are connected to each other with cast clips.
  • Strut and buttress diameters in clamped field wires vary between Ø48 and 42 mm depending on preference.
  • Strut and buttress diameter thickness (Wall Thickness) is 3.00 mm, height is 4.5 or 6 m, again depending on the field size. is
  • Strut coating is electro galvanized, static oven painted and strut axis is ±300cm.
  • The strut pipe diameter is Ø48mm, the wall thickness is 2mm and the coating is 6005 green color primer + oil paint.
  • The mesh spacing of the knitted wires is 50×50mm, the wire thickness is Ø3.00mm, and it is PVC coated on galvanized steel.

Basketball Court Construction Prices

You can contact our customer representatives to get pricing and offers according to the project, model and quantity from our company, which is the manufacturer of 80% of the products used in basketball court applications.

EKŞİOĞLU KANEK, which is at your service with its strong stock capacity and production technology against constantly changing costs in today’s conditions, is on the principle of providing the best prices and advantages for you.

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Our Basketball Court Applications
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