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Spiral Razor Wire

Ekşioğlu Kanek from our company, which is a wire fence manufacturer;

Spiral Razor Wire product

  • You can supply it in balls in the desired quantity.
  • Although stocked products are always available, we ask you to contact our customer representatives at the time of order.
  • We provide scheduled delivery service to certain points in Istanbul free of charge. (Call our customer representatives for shipping schedules.)
  • You can contact our customer representatives for shipments outside of Istanbul.
  • We provide fast assembly service in Istanbul and programmed assembly service in projects across Turkey.


Technicial Specifications

1) Coating Properties

  • Galvanized Coating 275gr/m²
  • AISI 430 Quality Coating
  • AISI 304 Quality Coating

2) Diameter Specifications

  • Ø45cm
  • Ø60cm
  • Ø90cm

During assembly; V Consoles or Moon Consoles (U Consoles) are used.

General features of our spiral razor wire products;

  • Helical razor wires are mostly used in various areas such as floors, roofs, and wall tops.
  • It is more suitable for use in public spaces and private properties.
  • It is a safe method against theft due to its spiral form and the sharp blades on it.
  • Spiral razor wires have a very deterrent feature in terms of security.
  • Spiral razor wires are resistant to breakage, rustproof, easy to apply, and long-lasting.

Spiral Razor Wire Prices

For spiral razor wire fence products, you can contact our customer representatives to get special spiral razor wire fence prices for projects and quantities from our company.

EKŞİOĞLU KANEK, which is at your service with its strong stock capacity and production technology against constantly changing costs in today’s conditions, is on the principle of providing the best prices and advantages for you.

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Spiral Razor Wire Applications