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Ekşioğlu Kanek started its activities in 1996 by targeting quality and quality production. Our company, which always determines the “customer satisfaction” oriented service principle as its main criterion, acts in order to provide quality and full service in production and application. It reflects the price advantages it gives in the production of wire fence and iron and steel products, 80% of which are our own production, to its customers and finalizes the processes from the production of its products to assembly with precision.


Our main wire fence, panel wire, wire mesh, wrought iron productions and project iron and steel productions.

panel tel çit çeşitleri

These products, called panel fence or panel wire, are mostly garden fence, highway wire fence, park perimeter protection wire, school security fence, etc. It is the most effective method used to determine borders and ensure security in areas. It is the most effective method used to determine borders and ensure security in areas.

galvaniz örgü teli kesit

It can be produced in different mesh sizes in the meshes used in wire fence applications, and it is generally used by stretching on the pole, welded to the case or panels. These products, produced by Kanek Fence Company in its İstanbul wire mesh factory, have distribution networks in locations such as Ankara, İzmir, Adana and Sakarya for TURKEY

jiletli tel kesit

Razor Wire applications are among the products preferred in areas where high security measures are required.
It is available as Spiral Razor Wire / Straight Line Razor Wire/ Planar Razor Wire / Centered Razor Wire.
As Kanek Fence Company, we manufacture, distribute and assemble domestic and imported razor wires from its Istanbul location.

decorative grass fence application

They are products coated on wire by providing a grass – like appearance. It has become the choice of elegant spaces, as it adds an aesthetic appearance to the environment and at the same time provides the security provided by the perimeter fence. This product, also known as grass fence or decorative fence, is produced with high quality standards in Kanek grass fence Istanbul factory.

Ekşioğlu Kanek has a production and application department to complete the needs of all indoor or outdoor sports fields such as seats, guardrails, security fences, nets, floors, sports field equipment and accessories as a project or separately.


Ekşioğlu Kanek Iron and Steel Products

  • Wrought Iron Railing
  • Garden Railings
  • Window Railings
  • Balcony Railings
  • Stair Railings
  • Benches, Chairs, Tables and Doors

Kocaeli stadium project
Kocaeli Stadium
Sakarya Stadium
Karadeniz Holding


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