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Double Panel Fence

Ekşioğlu Kanek produces Double Panel Fence products in Tuzla Istanbul Panel Fence factory.

  • We can produce double panel fence in various sizes.
  • Although our standard double panel fence products are always available as stock products, we ask you to contact our customer representatives at the time of order.
  • We provide scheduled delivery service to certain points in Istanbul free of charge. (Call our customer representatives for shipping schedules.)
  • You can contact our customer representatives for shipments outside of Istanbul.
  • We provide fast assembly service in Istanbul and programmed assembly service in projects across Turkey.

Features of the most preferred double panel fence products for high security and a decorative appearance!


  • In Double panel fences, one of the prominent members of the panel fence family, vertical strut wires placed between two horizontal wires provide resistance against impacts.
    The reason why it is called double panel fence is due to these features.
  • It is durable, Double Panel Fence systems offer high security and durability with their double wire designs.
  • They are modular systems, double panel fence systems produced at various heights offer the opportunity to design in accordance with the area to be used.
  • It is long lasting, resistant to rust, breakage and corrosion with the Galvanized coatings used.
  • They offer easy installation, they are one of the important members of the panel fence family with their flexible structures.


Double panel technical chart

Çit Teli Dikme MalzemesiÇit Teli YüksekliğiDikme YüksekliğiÇit Aks MesafesiGöz Ara MesafesiDikey Tel Çapı ( Ø)Yatat Tel Çapı (Ø)KelepçeKapakKaplama
60x60x2mm830mm830/880mm2500mm50x200mmØ5mm Ø6mmØ6mm Ø8mm31 AdetEGSB
60x60x2mm1030mm1030/1530mm2500mm50x200mmØ5mm Ø6mmØ6mm Ø8mm31 AdetEGSB
60x60x2mm1230mm1230/1730mm2500mm50x200mmØ5mm Ø6mmØ6mm Ø8mm31 AdetEGSB
60x60x2mm1430mm1430mm/1930mm2500mm50x200mmØ5mm Ø6mmØ6mm Ø8mm31 AdetEGSB
60x60x2mm1630mm1630mm/2130mm2500mm50x200mmØ5mm Ø6mmØ6mm Ø8mm31 AdetEGSB
60x60x2mm1630mm1630mm/2130mm2500mm50x200mmØ5mm Ø6mmØ6mm Ø8mm41 AdetEGSB
60x60x2mm2030mm2030mm/2530mm2500mm50x200mmØ5mm Ø6mmØ6mm Ø8mm41 AdetEGSB
60x60x2mm2430mm2430mm/2930mm2500mm50x200mmØ5mm Ø6mmØ6mm Ø8mm51 AdetEGSB

EGSB : Electro Galvanized Static Painted
NOTE: You can move the table left and right to see the whole table in the mobile version.

Double Panel Fence Prices

You can contact our customer representatives to get special panel fence prices for projects and quantities from our company, which is the manufacturer of double panel fence products.

EKŞİOĞLU KANEK, which is at your service with its strong stock capacity and production technology against constantly changing costs in today’s conditions, is on the principle of providing the best prices and advantages for you.

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Our Double Panel Fence Applications
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